Typical Application (GPPS)


  Disposable Cups & Food Containers, Pen bodies    

Foamed Sheet for Thermoforming, Shower


  Disposable Cups & Food Containers    
  Extrusion , Foamed Sheet for Tray    
  Ultra HMW for special extrusion    

Ultra HMW for special extrusion, Impact dilution

andspecial injection molding


Sheet and profile extrusion, Packaging, Dilution of

impact grades for extrusion, Injection molding


Petri dishes, Blood Sample tubes, Disposable

beakers, Thin wall moldings


Typical Application (HIPS)



Industrial Parts,Packaging food Containers,Egg


  Fridge Doors and Cabinet Liners    
  Industrial Parts, Packaging Containers, Egg Boxes                

Sheet extrusion application, Refrigerator inner

liner, Refrigerator door liner, Packaging applications

for oily food and dairy products


Bathroom Accessories, Coat Hangers, Injection molding

  Vending Cups, Extruded Profiles    
  Computer Keyboards, Toys, Spools    
  Toys, TV Cabinets, Clocks    

Typical Application (EPS)



Low Density Block

  Medium Density Block    
  High density block, Shaped packaging     
  Shape molding, High density block    
  Shape molding, high density block     

Thin-Wall water proof shape molding, Cup (food contact)    

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