The M.A.K. Germany was founded in 1994 by three friends in the beautiful city of Hamburg. Through smart business relations and hard effort the company developed into a solid family enterprise in this growing cosmopolitan metropolis. Through reliable and valuable results we became an essential associate for old and new business partners striving to connecting the rest of the world with European marketplaces.


After starting up in the automotive sector, our own brand was launched soon and led to cooperation with well-known car manufacturers in production and aftermarket services. Simultaneously M.A.K. expanded its trading activities respectively to its customers’ needs.

By demand of reputable clients we started a wholesale of commodities and petrochemical goods in the early 2000s, being responsible for market analysis, negotiations, logistics, financial products and transactions.


Sourcing a wide range of goods from all over the world our Petrochemical Department earned reputation in a very short time. Meanwhile M.A.K. has become a distributor of several petrochemical producers and supplies its international customers not only in the automotive sector.

We are proud to play an important role since more than 25 years in enabling bilateral business relations between the European and Eurasian, Asian and Middle Eastern companies, unwilling to change our policy or efforts for achieving the best results for our customers.

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